Concerts has been updated cept for this past weekend when I saw Rob Zombie/Godsmack and PowerMan5000.


Trying out a comment system. I doubt it will see any use, but its still fun.
Thanks to Shannon for the ability to play with new stuff like this!

Went camping at Quetico, then had a few days in Vegas. Updated Gallery today with pictures from these trips and more. yes, i finaly got everything back up... much like it was before.

Ok, so its still the 6th to me, fuck off if you dont like it! Just adding a archive page. The main page here is getting a bit long and I'm not a fan. Links at the bottom of the page.

Ok, I think I figured out how I'm going to set stuff up... so if you are reading this, it should be all fixed up. and yes, I'm taking the lazy way out, but, I like it, and thats all that matters.
and, to make things clear, the IAM-Blog was set up using tools(beta tools no less) from the iam.bmezine.com community. basicly I choose entrys from my page there and it uploads them to the page I set up here on my server. I have noticed that some of it is still fucked up.. both in layout and some archive pages dont seem to exist. I will be playing with that all at some point, but its alot of clicking!

Changed the layout a bit... I say bit because it is just colors that have changed. and thats not all to much in my mind. Been trying to get stuff from the last post worked out some, but am having a bitch of a time getting it to lay out right as you can see if you click the link below. i think its a table issue that i just dont know how to fix.. yet.


Been playing with some new FTP tools from my iam account. I think i got it all figured out at the moment. tho im still not to sure what to do with it. Might see if i cant put it all into a table on the main page here.. or just making a link to it cause in reality it is different from my site, its more of a blog.. tho i use it about as much as i update here, so who knows.

IAM-Generated Blog!

Got a new section of the site up. Riped it off of a old site of mine, and it hasnt been updated in quite some time.. just got to scan some tickets and I can make the list longer.

Played with the layout a bit.. sort of stolen from my old site, new color.. zero content! aint it great?

Finaly got my own domain for the site. It was being fucked up way to much and now it shouldent be.. unless its my own fault. Not to sure what im going to do with things now.. my guess is nothing untill i think of what i want to do.. still would like to get something like movabletype set up, but mysql doesnt like the ibook so its not happening anytime soon.

I mannaged to get gallery working.. dont know why it didnt really work before(maby it did and i didnt give it enough time).. but yea, its up and i got 2 years of Quetico pictures uploaded already. i still need to scan the ones from my first year.. i never seem to remember to.
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The iBook of doom is finaly up and running.. sort of... still trying to get shit worked out but for now its up.

Got DynamicDNS running on here now.. so it automaticly points to the server instead of me having to go in a manualy configure the IP and what not..

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