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13Apr 10

My friend Roy said this tonight.

“hey baby, lemme take this zipper down and show you seventeen inches of power. wham, out comes the backpack.”

-in reference to a MacBook Pro.


My speakers

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25Aug 09

So, I I’ve this nice set of logitech speakers I got last year. Recently the backlight on the control unit started going bad.

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Out of Town

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14Aug 09

Yes, thats right, I’m heading out of town.. to the wonderful state of Indiana!

Yeah, I know its not all that wonderful. But it should be fun nonetheless!

Heading out for Steve’s 30th birthday. I think I will try to keep posted here while I’m gone, seeing as I can do that with my iPhone now!

Took some doing in the past, but now that I have switched hosting providers, the WP App for iPhone works great! I can even upload pictures.. Hum.. that makes me wonder if I can do video just as easy. I’m currently guessing no, seeing as I dont think they have updated the App just yet, but hopefully someday that would be added.

Until then, maybe I can find a work around.. Like uploading shit to my mobileme account and just linking to that. or embedding it.. I wonder if it would let me do that… hum..

Nope, that didnt work. I guess if I want to do anything like that I’ll have to just use youtube.

Concert Update

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31Jul 09

As you can see, I have started adding concert postings from past concerts.  Yes, its mostly info from the Concert page thats currently up, but fuck you!

I will eventually pull that page and just leave it all to the posts. I have some updating to do on some of the posts already put up, but that will come later, along with the rest of the shows.

Now.. back to ‘work’

Areas of this here site

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31Jul 09

Right now, as you would expect, things are a bit.. fucked.

I did just have an idea tho, I was going to update the concert/comedy pages with more content.  Maybe more in-depth reviews(of what I can still remember that is) and stuff like that. However it just occured to me that I should just make a Category and add them as posts.  Seems like a plan to me!  Maybe I’ll get to work on that tonight.  Stay tuned.


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31Jul 09

Yes, I know, this place never gets used! It hasnt changed one bit in the past.. well.. long ass time.

Is that about to change?  Will there be something to read? Who knows! But I’m trying.

Got a few ideas for some posts to toss up.. and thats about it.  Look for updates.