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My speakers

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25Aug 09

So, I I’ve this nice set of logitech speakers I got last year. Recently the backlight on the control unit started going bad.

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15Aug 09

So the journey begins. I’m waiting for my flight at the moment. At the gate next to me, a guy is waitng for his wife who ran off somewhere. She has 3 more miniutes.

He’s about to board by himself. Ha.

Oh.. She made it! With a miniute left!

Out of Town

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14Aug 09

Yes, thats right, I’m heading out of town.. to the wonderful state of Indiana!

Yeah, I know its not all that wonderful. But it should be fun nonetheless!

Heading out for Steve’s 30th birthday. I think I will try to keep posted here while I’m gone, seeing as I can do that with my iPhone now!

Took some doing in the past, but now that I have switched hosting providers, the WP App for iPhone works great! I can even upload pictures.. Hum.. that makes me wonder if I can do video just as easy. I’m currently guessing no, seeing as I dont think they have updated the App just yet, but hopefully someday that would be added.

Until then, maybe I can find a work around.. Like uploading shit to my mobileme account and just linking to that. or embedding it.. I wonder if it would let me do that… hum..

Nope, that didnt work. I guess if I want to do anything like that I’ll have to just use youtube.