Sanitarium Tour July 3rd, 2000

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31Jul 09

10 hour drive to St. Louis, IL to see this show…

At the time, I pretty much was there because I was a big fan of Korn.  Kid Rock was also rather cool to see, even tho I only caught like half of his show…

The line up was System of a Down, Powerman 5000, Kid Rock, Korn, and Metallica.  I went down and met up with a friend from the internet and a friend of hers.  This other friend actually knew System and was on their guest list(to get into the show anyways).  After watching System and Powerman we started looking around for someone he knew to see if we could get backstage.  After a bit of searching we found who we were looking for and did in fact go back!  I got to meet Shavo from System! That was awesome!

We left shortly after Metallica started. Why bother staying around for that mess? HA!

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