In Concerts
31Jul 09

The lineup was Papa Roach, Powerman 5000, and KoRn

Below is what I wrote when I got home from the show.  I think it says all I need to say.

-so i just got home from the show.. only thing i can say is DAMN!!! so ok.. first time i had floor for a concert(okok… sanitarium was all g/a… but we just kind of hung back durring that). i was about 10 feet from the stage the whole time… well, untill i started to feel like shit and decided to head up for a few.. got a drink and recovered a bit(about half way into korn). great fucking show !!!!!!! plus some girl behind me(trying to get further up… i woudlent let her.. just cause of the principle of the thing) bit me dammit… not realy hard.. on my shirt… but still.. little thing hurt.

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